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Workforce Mobility
It's no secret that today's organizations are on the move. Conducting business away from the office, whether at home, at a customer site or in a hotel room, is becoming more commonplace. Many organizations encourage and support employee mobility because it delivers important business benefits, including higher productivity, closer relationships with customers and partners, timely and accurate information, hiring flexibility and reduced overhead costs.
However, to achieve optimal productivity to customer's response, mobile workers need easy, secure, on-demand access to applications and information-the same resources that are available in the office.
Your Employees Can Access Information From Anywhere.
Whether they are at home, hotel, the field or warehouse floor-wherever work takes them, mobile workers using on-demand access infrastructure solutions enjoy a single secure point of access to the same software and information as their colleagues at the headquarters. And they don't need local technical support. Instead, IT staff members provide troubleshooting and training remotely from the central location. Administrators can also centrally deploy applications and updates, and bring new users online, instead of being required to track down and update each mobile desktop. Executives appreciate the security of a system in which applications and data reside safely on a centrally managed server. Additionally, all information transmitted between server and user, whether via wired or wireless connection, is securely encrypted.
Using our Workforce Mobility solutions, you can take advantage of the following benefits:
  • Provide your mobile workforce with secure, real-time remote access to business-critical applications and data.
  • Increase productivity by giving telecommuters and road warriors a familiar desktop-to-go, accessible from anywhere.
  • Empower your workforce with high-performance wireless access on a platform that works today.
  • Instantly wireless-enable any host-based client/server or desktop application without special coding or Web versions.
  • Reduce costly bandwidth and telecommunications charges and eliminate traditional compromises for secure remote access.
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