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Intorduction And Overview
A Complete, Defense-in-Depth Solution : Practical Advice and Controls - Not Theory
Investing in security technology is more important than ever. You need security that is dynamic, responsive and ever adaptive. A system that intelligently scans and combats hazards. With Synesis's group of advanced security services, we can assess your current environment and design a system to help improve and maintain your security:
  • Protect internal data systems with anti-virus software, intrusion prevention, border security devices and wireless security
  • Analyze firewall configuration and traffic
  • Connect remote offices securely
  • Safeguard externally accessible hosts like the Web, mail and database servers
  • Engage investigative forensics to recover from a security incident
We have a team of security specialists who can help you design, install and maintain the appropriate security measures for your organization. We understand that practical advice on the security burden is what most organizations want. We can help you determine where the greatest risks are and what cost-effective options exist to reduce and mitigate these risks to acceptable levels.
Our Microsoft expertise encompasses the Windows platform together with complimentary best-of-breed solutions which, when deployed provide a defense-in-depth security architecture to address virus protection, internet access control, email security and spam, network and perimeter security, security testing and authentication.
Introduction & Overview
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