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Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliance Solutions
Synesis enables organizations in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries to comply with the laws of HIPAA. In order to be in full compliance, healthcare companies often seek external IT help since their current IT department may not be able to encompass the many requirements of HIPAA for compliant systems. Compliance requires changes at both the administrative and the IT level. Administrative procedures must be designed to clearly show how companies will comply with the security and privacy rules of HIPAA. Simultaneously, your IT infrastructure must be adjusted to implement technical safeguards which control access to computer systems and enable entities to protect any transfer of Protected Health Information over open networks.
Synesis creates secure networks and helps companies to establish easy and cost-effective ways to guarantee that staff will follow the rules set forth in the Act, including the development of best practices for mail, messaging and remote access. We also provide detailed documentation about the ways in which your systems will support and comply with HIPAA.
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