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Gramm-Leach-Bliley Compliance Solutions
The expanse of technology has lead to an immense growth in business, with escalating threats of cyber attacks. The GLBA has privacy provisions to safeguard consumer information. The increasing threat of identity theft is a concern for many individuals. If computer hardware is stolen or broken into, important data can be extracted. The GLBA challenges businesses in the financial industry to increase the security of their information systems which can lead to enormous expense.
Synesis IT deploys SSL VPN solutions which enable users and businesses to work in a secure environment. SSL allows the secure transfer of information and data over the Internet through encryption. Enterprise Single Sign-on is another innovative product that assists in regulatory compliance. With fewer passwords or more convenient authentication methods, the level of security can be raised and is more easily managed and maintained. Furthermore, Citrix solutions allow for remote access from centralized locations while ensuring secure data flow.
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