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XenApp Application Delivery System
The Industryís best, most complete, and proven Application Delivery System
Application Virtualizaiton that reduces operating costs and enables users to work anywhere
Teleworker Staff
Product Demonstrations and LOB Applications with Customer Interface
Offshoring or BPO
Built-in Secure Connection SSL VPN
Provides Mission-Critical Software to anywhere
Optimization, Compression, and Caching : Fast Application Delivery to Anywhere


XenServer - The ideal Virtualization Platform
Increase Server Utilization, make best use of your assets, and consolidate 32-bit silos onto 64-bit hardware
Unique Provisioning - rapidly delivers workloads across virtual or physical servers and makes best use of your assets
Optimize Performance and Quality, with the highest host and guest CPU and Memory limits available and fine-grained controls
VM Management is robust and making changes to your environment is easy
Make a single change to groups of servers all at once, with no need to visit each VM individually to configure it
When you add a new server , you can automatically apply existing network and storage settings

1 + 1 = 0 Two Xen Servers equals zero downtime
With two Xen Servers* that have different Virtual Machines, a running VM can be moved from one to the other without service interruption. This is called "Live Migration", useful for
  Fault Management
  Load Balancing
  Ease of System Maintenance


Different worker types necessarily have different Desktop needs. A task worker or business user is different than a power user is different than a sales rep is different than a developer. When satisfying these different needs within the same organization, XenDesktop enables you to point and click to add resources where needed rather than having to buy, install, or reinstall and provision desktop systems for individual users. Itís a low-touch approach to managing a multiple desktops that profoundly reduces the complexity of management, while providing end-users with the functionality and feel of a stand-alone desktop. Applications on the Virtual PC run as if they are natively installed on the end userís desktop, with users not noticing a difference. It can also enable you to protect your company data and reduce unintended use of its assets.
Citrix XenDesktop benefits your company with its:
  Superior managablilty without any third party products
  Savings on Back-end storage cost
  Proven and mature protocol for delivering corporate applications across
  High-speed delivery and low bandwidth consumption



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