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Application Delivery
Today's fast-paced, global economy demands speed and flexibility in deploying new applications, updating business processes and giving employees the tools they need. Synesis IT (Synesis) can help you to bring new applications or updates online in minutes instead of months, making them accessible to users anywhere -even worldwide- without the costs and delays associated with visiting every desktop. Our access infrastructure solution provides rapid, secure deployment of full-featured applications from a central location to users on any device or connection.
Reducing Time and Costs, Increasing Efficiency, Productivity and Security.
The On-Demand Access Solution accelerates and simplifies every aspect of application distribution, management, security and support, and significantly reduces or eliminates the time and costs associated with other approaches. Applications are installed and run on centrally managed servers; individual desktops do not need to be touched. As a result, software installations and updates that used to take months to deploy across the organization can now be completed in minutes. Integration of new applications and users following mergers and acquisitions can be handled just as quickly. This entire process is performed without disrupting employees, so user productivity is maintained while IT productivity is increased.
The economic benefits from the Access infrastructure are just as significant. IT operating expenses are greatly reduced by streamlining and centralizing administration, support, version control, and training. Return on investment is increased by extending the life of existing hardware, software and networks, and eliminating frequent client desktop upgrades. Even applications like Web browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer) can be standardized, secured and managed across the enterprise. Fast, simple, consistent access to applications enables employees to be more productive.
Solutions Benefits
Access solutions for Application Deployment support custom, off-the-shelf and Web-based applications and deliver a single consistent service model for all, lowering total cost of ownership of the IT infrastructure. The following are benefits of deploying legacy, client/server and Web-based applications with this solution:
Legacy Applications
  • Centrally deploy and configure terminal emulation programs for accessing host-based applications.
Client/server Applications
  • Quickly deploy custom applications to any user, at any location, on any device.
  • Instantly Web-enable Windows® and UNIX® applications without recoding and publish them to users via any standard Web browser.
  • Eliminate support and management of client components on highly distributed desktops.
  • Eliminate upgrading of desktops to support the rollout of new applications.
  • Provide secure access to applications over any network.
  • Improve performance of full-featured versions of applications.
Web-based Applications
  • Increase performance by 200 to 250 percent compared to running on a locally installed browser.
  • Centralize deployment and management of the Web browser application, including components and plug-ins.
  • Enhance security by centralizing management of browser security configuration.
Discuss your business and information technology needs now with a System Analyst consultant at BPAnalyst@synesisit.com.
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