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Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an award winning, integrable, robust accounting solution that broadly applies to a range and variety of accounting needs. Built using the latest Microsoft technologies, Microsoft Dynamics GP provides rich reporting and analysis capabilities, web-based delivery of information, and the security features, flexibility, and control needed to maximize operational efficiency. Microsoft Dynamics GP also offers superior integration with other products, strong but efficient customization capabilities, a friendly user interface, and the ability to extend functionality for various purposes because Dynamics GP is so widely used that, literally, hundreds of independent software vendors have created superb add-on products for it. All these factors have bestowed on Dynamics GP a richness of product and uniqueness not seen in financial control software of similar class.

Microsoft Dynamics GP historically has been serving mid-market businesses very well, businesses with $5M to $500M in annual revenue and 25 to a thousand employees. However, recent advances in feature sets and increased credibility as part of Microsoft have precipitated far more frequent use in large enterprise organizations.

Microsoft Dynamics GP reduces the time and effort that organizations dedicate to key accounting tasks, and provides easy access and smoothly connects organizational operations because it allows rich analysis of integrated updated information, and built-in vehicles to transfer that information to user classes or individuals who can consume, process, and relay that information to the right “others” in the organization to increase operational efficiency, enable greater transparency and decision making, and facilitate workflow in many areas of the business. Because of Microsoft Dynamics GP’s reputation and large U.S. customer base, organizations also find it easier to get qualified experienced staff, and have access to a wider variety of software tools and business process analysts that can put them to good use.

Cutting the time it takes to close at month’s end, simplifying data entry and presentation, visibility of profitability, and tools that powerfully manage accounts, expenses, processes, workflow and inventory all suit Dynamics GP to serve as a backbone on which the other critical systems of a business depend for information.


Your organization can obtain an introduction to Dynamics GP, receive an evaluation of compatibility with your requirement, learn its ease of use or the depth of its feature sets, and be apprised of options for licensing.


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