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1. Technology Support & maintainance solutions
Whether you have a mission-critical application running on an HP AlphaServer in Los Angeles, an engineering package on an IBM RS6000 in Cleveland, or e-mail supported by a SUN server in Boston, Synesis IT ("Synesis") Maintenance & Support (SMS) can tailor a maintenance package for you.
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2. Just-in-Time Business Software
Synesis IT ("Synesis") develops low cost, web-based business software that is aligned to specific vertical industry needs. We built our applications with a deep knowledge of the most important aspects of the healthcare, education and real estate lifecycle. In addition, we have tailored our customer relationship management and specialized human resources software to all budgets.
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3. Managed Service Offering
Synesis IT ("Synesis") is an experienced provider of Managed Services to all vertical industries. We deliver a full range of managed services from desktop to enterprise infrastructure for small, medium and large organizations including corporate and public sector environments.
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4. Regulatory Compliance Services
Synesis IT ("Synesis") offers low-cost and efficient solutions that can eliminate the stress that companies face when dealing with regulatory compliance. Flexible and adaptable infrastructure management solutions from Synesis enable rapid response to changing regulatory requirements,
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5. Infrastructure Solutions
Synesis IT ("Synesis") Infrastructure consultants are comprehensively versed in the support of complex, multi-disciplinary, often multi-platform technology environments. We leverage our relationships with the leading suppliers of enterprise and desktop technologies to help you select new systems and provide full implementation support. Our Infrastructure team is
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6. On-Demand Access Solutions
Synesis IT ("Synesis") strongly recognizes the ever-growing need to safely and quickly access applications, data and systems from numerous locations. Our On-Demand Access Solutions focus on providing you, in corporations and public sector enterprises, with nimble, reasonable-cost tools for secure, anytime and anywhere access to your critical business information.
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7. Industry Solutions
Synesis IT ("Synesis") understands that no two industries have the same requirements and challenges. Issues that are important to the Healthcare industry are different from those in the Legal industry, and the priorities of Real Estate firms are completely different than those in Advertising. At Synesis, we have a diverse and experienced staff available to deliver cost-effective solutions for corporations, public sector enterprises and more.
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8. Technology Assessments Services
Synesis IT ("Synesis") Assessment Services identify the steps to aligning your IT operations with your business requirements and goals. Collaborating with key business stakeholders, our industry and technology experts conduct an objective, third-party analysis to understand primary business drivers and establish a baseline of technologies, processes and people that impact the business and IT infrastructure. We then deliver a comprehensive report which details baseline findings, business/infrastructure gaps and recommendations for alignment. The assessment is customizable and may include a review of data center, network, systems, information security and disaster
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Case Study
Using On Demand Access solution at Netcom, we have moved from switching a system on and hoping it would run for the whole day, to running an enterprise-level solution with 99.99 percent uptime.
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