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Synesis' Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is an application that brings you closer to your clients and constituents. Our software provides real-world functionality that is intuitive to the sales process and creates a compelling, real-time interface with your prospects, customers and suppliers. All at a dramatically lower cost than large enterprise applications.
Synesis' CRM software encompasses:
  • Sales Automation Module
    • Sales distribution channels to support customers and internal management.
    • Instant sales information available through available databases.
    • Sales activity and opportunity reporting, analysis and time management.
    • Sales account, contact and opportunity management.
    • Accurate forecasting of sales trends and revenues.
  • Marketing Automation Module
    • Target market definition-including product category designs and competitive matrices.
    • Market segment identification.
    • Target client selection.
    • Product definition.
    • Price levels and strategies
    • Promotion (Communication)
    • Sales/distribution methods
  • Customer Service & Support Module.
  • Reporting and Analysis Tools
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Synesis™ CRM
Customer Relations Management
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