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Synesis CRM

Synesis IT (“Synesis”) provides custom web-based, vertical industry-specific Customer Relationship Management applications which optimize your interaction with prospects, clients and constituents. Our Just-in-Time CRM tools provide rapid and accurate insight and information, reduce cost, integrate dissimilar platforms, increase the productivity and efficiency of your enterprise and create a compelling and dynamic interface between you and your customers.

Synesis Just-in-Time Web-enabled CRM system provides rapid and accurate insight information about your business, optimizes the interaction with your customers, increases the productivity and efficiency, reduces the cost, integrates dissimilar platforms and shares data with your staff and customers.

Synesis CRM system provides the data analysis and reports that gives instant insight into important customer trends and patterns. The information sharing and collaboration enabled by our CRM benefit all functional groups. Therefore, the data structure employed by our solution accommodate the complexity of the product distribution chain, encompassing customer profiles, contracts and pricing, product configurations, complaints, assessments, sales forecasts and incentive compensation. It also supports extensive government regulation and defines the regulatory framework for manufacturers using computerized systems as repositories of product quality data and safety reports. By selecting and deploying a comprehensive and integrated CRM software solution that meets your unique business requirements, your company can ensure the effective implementation of our CRM strategy. As a result, your company can build far stronger customer relationships for improved performance and increased profitability.
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Synesis™ CRM
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